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Posted by Chris Kielb on Dec 26, 2018 10:36:35 AM

Advance Welding Nadcap Accreditation Certificate

The aerospace and defense industries formed Nadcap as a worldwide program to cost-effectively manage special processes and products. Using a consensus approach and continuous improvement methodologies Nadcap assembles technical government and industry experts to define operational requirements and to establish accreditation requirements to enable a qualified vendor ecosystem that can deliver repeatable quality services and products. 

About Nadcap

The program was founded in 1990 by SAE International by members which include all of the major global aerospace and defense prime contractors. The goal of Nadcap is to develop standardized criteria for the defense and aerospace industries for the management of manufacturing quality by having standardized audit procedures for specialized processes and products.

The Nadcap program is managed and administered by PRI, the Performance Review Institute. PRI administers independent certification of manufacturing processes for aerospace and defense contractors such as overarching quality systems, aerospace component welding, aerospace weldment heat treating, NDT (non-destructive testing) for defense and aerospace components and more.

To learn more about Nadcap, you might take advantage of free training that is available during their meetings which occur 3 times per year around the world.

Nadcap meetings take place three times a year in locations around the world and are open to all Nadcap stakeholders and interested parties.

Advance Welding Nadcap Experience

During the Nadcap accreditation process for Advance Welding, PRI assigns an industry approved auditor who conducts an audit of our manufacturing and quality processes using an industry checklist. If after the audit any non-conformity issues are found, we receive a non-conformance report. Once we’ve addressed any non-conformities our ‘audit package’ is presented to a Special Process Task Group which consists of industry members who review it and vote for approval if the package is acceptable.

This rigorous process ensures that Advance Welding meets the stringent quality requirements for the aerospace and defense components that we manufacture under sub-contract.

Nadcap is the leading program worldwide for ensuring the production of safe and reliable aerospace and defense systems components. This time tested and proven program is cost-effective while delivering outstanding system reliability.


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