General Dynamics Nadcap Certified Aerospace and Defense Welding Approvals

Posted by Chris Kielb on Oct 1, 2019 3:27:58 PM

General Dynamics LogoGeneral Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (OTS) Welding Approvals

Advance Welding is an approved supplier to General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems.  Advance Welding has supported General Dynamics OTS’s metal joining requirements since 1998. We have consistently met their supplier requirement of on-time delivery, high quality, reasonable cost and technical performance.

General Dynamics OTS is a global Aerospace and Defense company. 

General Dynamics OTS is a supplier of:

-Armaments (Aircraft Guns & Gun Systems, Aircraft & Naval Platform Systems, Gun Barrels, Remote Weapon Stations)

-Composite Structures

-Demilitarization & Waste Disposal

-Lightweight Tactical Vehicles

-Missiles & Rockets

-Motion Control


-Propellant & Propulsion

-Protective Systems

Advance Welding’s General Dynamics Approved Processes/Specifications:


AWS D1.1  Steel Structural Welding

AWS D1.2  Aluminum Structural Welding

AWS D1.6  Stainless Steel Structural Welding

AWS D17.1  Welding for Aerospace

MIL-STD-2219  Fusion Welding for Aerospace Requirements

12479550  Ground Combat Vehicle Welding Code

A10458  Process for Fusion Welding



AWS A3.4  Torch Brazing

MIL-B-7883, Type 1  Torch Brazing

MIL-B-7883, Type III  Induction Brazing


Resistance Welding

AMS-W-6858, Group 2, Cl. B

AMS-W-6858, Group 2, Cl. C




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