Success Story - Electron Beam Welding of Steel Diaphragm for the Utility Industry

Posted by Chris Kielb on Dec 16, 2021 1:18:21 PM

An oil and gas client in New York commonly asks us to apply our electron beam welding capabilities to steam turbine diaphragms.

Following customer specifications, the part, shown photographed below, was electron beam welded using a custom rotary fixture. The part consisted of low carbon/stainless steel materials and had an ultimate height of 4.5" and an outside diameter of 73". The welding requirements included a weld penetration depth of .900" (partial) from each side, at diameters of 44" and 67".

Upon completion, the part was shipped to the customer in New York and installed in a turbine being refurbished. The expedited delivery resulted in minimal system downtime for the utility company.

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Electron Beam Welding for Utility IndustryElectron Beam Welded Diaphragm for Steam Turbine in the Utility Industry

Custom Electron Beam Welding of Steel Diaphragm Project Highlights:

Product Name: Steam Turbine Diaphragm

Product Description: This steam turbine diaphragm is used in a power generation application.

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

Electron Beam Welding

  • Weld Ring to Housing Using Custom Rotary Fixture

Overall Dimensions:

Part Dimensions:
Height: 4.5"
Diameter: 73"

Weld Dimensions:

Joint Thickness: 4.5"
Weld Penetration Depth: .900" (Partial) From Each Side 2 Places
Weld Diameter: Two Places 44" & 67"

Material Used:

Low Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel

Industry for Use:

Power Generation/Utility Industry


2 to 5

Delivery Location:

New York State

Standards Met:

Customer specifications and drawings

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